By - Laws


the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution

A non-profit organization for the public benefit

ARTICLE 1. Name.

The name of the organization shall be the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution, hereafter called the Society. The Society shall be an international organization.

ARTICLE 2. Purpose.

The purposes of the Society are to provide facilities for association and conference among molecular evolutionists and to further the goals of molecular evolutionary biology and its practitioners including the publication of Molecular Biology and Evolution.

ARTICLE 3. Membership.

All individuals actively interested in any field of molecular evolutionary biology shall be eligible for active membership. One becomes an active member when the dues are accepted.

ARTICLE 4. Officers and Council.

a. Composition. The officers of the organization shall be the Immediate Past President, the President, the President-elect, the Secretary, and the Treasurer. There will be three elected councilors. The officers, the councilors, and the Editor of Molecular Biology and Evolution shall constitute the Council. The Editor shall be appointed by the Council.

b. Nominations. The Council shall see that a slate of nominees is provided for all positions up for election to which slate shall be added any member nominated by other members representing three different institutions. The announcement of the impending election must include a statement of this nomination procedure and allow at least two months from the time of its publication for members to make nominations.

c. Election of Officers and Councilors. Election shall be by a plurality of those voting. Elections shall be held by mail ballot.

d. Terms of Officers, Councilors, and Editor. The terms of the officers shall be one year except that the term of the Secretary and of the Treasurer shall be three years. Councilors will each serve 3-year staggered terms so that one new councilor is elected annually. The term of the Editor shall be five years but may be extended or terminated by the Council, the Editor being excluded from this vote. The terms of the Secretary and the Treasurer shall be staggered. Terms shall begin on January 1 except the Editor who shall assume his/her duties so as to be responsible for the next volume of Molecular Biology and Evolution.

e. Vacancies. Vacancies on the Council shall be filled by appointment by the Council except that in the event of a vacancy in the Office of President, the President-elect shall become the President for the remainder of the unexpired term as well as for the subsequent term. In the event of any other vacancy among the officers, the Council shall appoint an active member to serve for the remainder of the year, and the office shall be filled at the next annual election.

f. Duties. i) President. The President shall preside at the meetings of the Society and the Council. With the advice of the Council, the President shall appoint such committees and representatives as may be needed.
ii) President-elect. The President-elect shall preside in the absence of the President. The President-elect shall direct the planning of annual meetings in accordance with rules established by the Council.
iii) Secretary. The Secretary shall: (1) keep the records of the Society; (2) send to all members the date and place of the annual meeting, a call for papers to be presented at that meeting, and a call for suggestions for nomination for all offices to be filled by election; (3) at least three months before the annual meeting, send all members a ballot bearing the names of nominees for office; (4) prepare minutes of the annual meeting and present an annual report to the members concerning actions of the Council, activities of the Society and its committees and representatives, and the membership of the Society; and (5) deposit those records of the Society no longer needed for current business in the Library of the University of California, Irvine.
iv) Treasurer. The Treasurer shall: (1) have charge of all funds of the Society and be responsible for their investment; (2) be bonded in an appropriate amount fixed by the President; and (3) prepare an annual statement to the members of the financial status of the Society, to be reviewed by two auditors appointed by the president.
v) Councilors. Elected councilors shall participate in all matters of the Council and attend annual meetings of the Society.
vi) Editor. The Editor shall carry out policy decisions of the Council and shall be authorized to act for the Editorial Board in arriving at Editorial decisions and conducting routine business. The Editor shall submit an annual report to the Society regarding the operation of Molecular Biology and Evolution.

ARTICLE 5. Meetings.

Meetings of the Council may be called by the president or any three other members of the Council. Meetings of the Council may be by electronic means. Meetings of the membership shall be scheduled for the annual conference of the Society.

ARTICLE 6. Quorum.

Two thirds of the Council shall constitute a quorum. A quorum of the membership shall be those attending a duly called meeting or responding to a polling by mail.

ARTICLE 7. Voting.

Actions of the Council at a duly constituted meeting require a majority of those present to approve. A meeting is duly constituted if properly called and a quorum present. Actions of the membership at the annual meeting also require a majority but are not binding on the Council excepting demands for a mail polling of the membership on any issue. Actions taken by a majority of the active membership in a mail polling are binding on the Council except amendments to these by-laws (see article 11).

ARTICLE 8. Finances.

a. Budget. The Council shall be responsible for determining the budget. Expenditures in accord with the budget are to be jointly authorized by the president and treasurer.
b. Dues. Annual dues shall be determined by the Council and will include a subscription to Molecular Biology and Evolution. Graduate students who provide evidence of their status are entitled to active membership at reduced cost for a period not exceeding five years. Spouses (joint heads of a household) both qualifying for membership individually may choose a combined membership entitling each to be listed as a member and to vote. Payment shall be due January 1. New members shall be billed for dues from the previous January 1 and shall receive Molecular Biology and Evolution for the entire year. Members who have not paid their dues by January 1 shall be dropped from the rolls.

ARTICLE 9. Publications.

a. Journal. The Society shall publish Molecular Biology and Evolution as its official journal. Subscription to Molecular Biology and Evolution shall be considered an integral part of active membership. Publication in the journal shall be open to members and nonmembers alike. Acceptance shall be decided after Editorial review solely on merit and suitability. Other publications may be issued as the Council shall authorize.
b. Editorial Board. The Editorial Board of Molecular Biology and Evolution shall be appointed by the Editor from a list of candidates submitted to the Council by the Editor and approved by the Council. Editorial Board members shall serve three-year terms which may be renewed by the Editor and Council. Society officers may not hold Editorial Board positions simultaneously.

ARTICLE 10. Procedural Problems.

Procedural problems will be resolved according to Robert's Rules of Order.

ARTICLE 11. Amending By-Laws.

These by-laws may be changed by a two thirds vote of the members voting in a mail ballot.

Adopted June 12, 1992 by unanimous vote of those attending meeting and amended by mail ballot October 8, 1993 and March 1, 1995.